How to Make Sure that Your Wedding Isn’t Boring?

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Tips to Avoid the Yawning in Your Big Day

Attending a wedding may be a privilege, but sometimes it’s not always a pleasure. You need to make sure that you have enough entertainment to make your guests smiling during the reception. The last thing a bride and groom want is for their wedding guests to spend the reception checking their watches. Here are some tips to keep any wedding guest yawns at bay.

All About WeddingMake introductions at the rehearsal.

A wedding brings together two families and sets of friends — which usually mean a big group of people who don’t know each other awkwardly attempting small talk. The solution? Invite relatives and out-of-town guests to the rehearsal dinner to break the ice, and introduce those who might have common interests. By the time the wedding rolls around, your guests will have met in a more relaxed atmosphere the evening before and hopefully keep the conversations going at the reception.

Stick to the schedule.

No one expects things to run with military precision especially when it comes to rushing your older relatives, but you don’t want to force your guests to idle around while you take your formal wedding pictures. This is where the cocktail hour comes in. Set up a lounge or shady courtyard for your guests to mingle, and equip the area with snacks, drinks, plenty of places to sit, and even a little music to set the mood and keep the party atmosphere alive.

Don’t let guests go hungry.

Even if you plan on serving a full dinner at your reception, it’s a good idea to have a few nibbles for your guests to nosh on while they wait for you and your new spouse to make your grand entrance — lest your guests get bored and cranky. Mini empanadas, soup shooters, vegetable skewers and even fried macaroni and cheese balls are all great options, you can go for one-bite appetizers so guests can chat while they snack. Your guests will be refreshed from the ceremony — and grateful for the sustenance.

Plan an exit strategy.

If you really want guests to be able to enjoy themselves at your reception, arrange for transportation to get them home safely afterward. Some couples choose to throw their reception in a hotel banquet hall and block off rooms for their guests, while others hire a shuttle service to run throughout the night. This extra consideration gives guests the freedom to relax (drink) without worrying about getting home safely when the party wraps up.

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